Sunday, July 5, 2009

Smoking in bars and resturants

A huge Mr. Grumpy changes his mind issue...

At first, this seemed like a personal space/freedom issue. Gosh, do the non-smokers have to control not only their lives, but everyone's lives? Perhaps smoking is terribly dangerous to everyone (passive smokers included). But, does this mean that the city needs to legislate (force) bar/restaurant owners to follow their dictates? Can't we all just get along??

Well, no....

Bloomington passed a no-smoking ordinance and the world (our small portion of it) is a better place. I can go to bars and restaurants where I simply would not go before because the outing/celebration was spoiled by the atmosphere.

Have a beer and some onion rings at Nick's on a Friday night. And, you don't come home smelling like the Marlboro Man.

Personal freedom issue...nope, personal hygiene...


At the urging (gentle urging) of some friends, I agreed to write some thoughts about happenings in our small part of the universe (Bloomington, Indiana). This includes my views about some specific activities in our town and how they have (or perhaps have not) shifted over time.

Why bother? Well, committing ideas to print (or electrons) forces me to think more clearly. So, that is helpful for me. And, possibly someone else will find this interesting, or at least mildly diverting....

The next few posts will be historical. These are actual events in Bloomington where I (Mr. Grumpy) switched positions on a topic and the reasons why I was on one side and switched to the other side.

To come:
Smoking in bars and restaurants
The Bloomington Public Library
Rails to Trails

So...enjoy...or not...